The Story

I started sewing in earnest for my youngest daughter. back in the 1980’s. She wasn’t one of those frilly dress kind of babies, so I used to buy bold African prints and dark colours, and although she’s blessed with the palest skin it really suited her complexion. After a while I kept being asked where I’d bought the outfits, so I decided to start making them for others.

Back then, craft fairs were all the rage, so I started out doing small local events to gauge the public reaction and built from there. My sister in-law joined me and together we did really well, selling to niche shops in Yorkshire and London, as well as larger craft fairs; we also started doing mail order.

I really enjoyed the whole creative process, from sourcing fabric’s to buttons, threads drafting the patterns, and finally making and selling the garments; it was lovely to see someone taking as much joy out of buying a dress as it was to make.

I returned to sewing after a couple of years off. A good friend had a little girl and I knew I had to make the christening gown. Also, my daughter was now really into the Vintage scene and had asked me to make something for her. As my skills had become a little rusty, I decided to go back to college and learn garment construction, pattern drafting and tailoring techniques, I can now make beautiful women’s as well as children’s wear.

I came back to design and sewing with a passion I had forgotten I had. It’s so lovely to return to exhibiting at craft and vintage fairs; it’s been fun meeting so many new people.

And now I’ve started passing my skills on through a series of sewing classes; helping beginners take their first steps in sewing, intermediates gain confidence and the experienced to create their own garments and designs.

It’s great to see how everyone has their own individual eye for colour and design, and the way they leave their own personal stamp on their projects.

Why not come and join us one weekend. I hope to see you soon.

Janice Collier
Sussex, October 2014