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The Range

Over the years I have developed a series of unique designs for vintage inspired outfits and accessories ideal for babies, toddlers and children, as well as a number of figure loving occasional dresses and day dresses for women of all sizes.

My focus is on creating vibrant yet classically styled quality clothes, booties and fashion accessories that are made to last and are suitable for those with sensitive skin – from traditional cotton pyjamas to silk Christening gowns, I love adding finishing touches to everything I make.

I use a variety of patterned soft fabrics and high-end materials that complement the vintage style that my clientele appreciate, so whether you’d like to select something “off the shelf” or would like a bespoke item, I’m positive that I have the perfect colour and design options for your needs.

I’m constantly working on new pieces and share my progress on Instagram. Here is a selection of my current range for your perusal, or take a look at what I have available in my Etsy Shop or if there’s something special you have in mind just get in touch and we can discuss a personalised project over a nice cup of tea…