It’s in the Bag

Apologies for being quiet of late; I’ve been busy getting samples ready for the Christmas classes.

The first of the winter classes started a couple of weeks ago with the sewing machine bag – a nice small class to ease back into, with some of my favourite ladies; Beth, Millie and Becky.

Beth chose upcycling, using old jeans and fabric left over from previous classes while Millie & Becky made bags to match their lovely new sewing rooms. As always, we had some excellent sandwiches, cake & tea courtesy of Mable’s tea ladies.

We also discussed what we’d like to do for the Christmas classes; so many idea’s, and not enough Saturdays to fit them all in. Penguin bunting, crochet ornaments, felt decorations, Christmas wreath and, of course, a polar bear or reindeer – the ideas keep on coming.

What would you want to make? Let me know and we may run a class!